Dr. Deepak Rao

Dr. Deepak Rao, an alumnus (1980-82) in the Science stream has taken up along with his wife, Dr. Seema Rao, the out of the ordinary vocation of researching and innovating Counter Terrorism Training and they are in great demand with the Indian forces. They are probably one of the most qualified CQB training experts in the world. Dr. Rao is the Executive Director and Dr. Seema, Director Operations of Unarmed Commando Combat Academy (UCCA). Currently, Dr. Deepak Rao is a Consultant in Counter Terrorism for QRT Training in charge of Anti Terrorism Squad, Mumbai (2006). They have completed 10 years of training 15,000 personnel from the Indian armed forces & police, in innovative Close Quarter Battle for Counter Terrorism. They received for the second time the Army Chief’s appreciation for their projects. In 2005, they received the US President’s George Bush Gold Award for outstanding commitment to training and voluntary service. In 2004, they entered the International Combat World Hall of Fame. They also authored a Book on World Terrorism. They have also been honored with Professorship of Sports & Martial Science by Universities in New York and New Jersey.